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Folkestone & Hythe Birds,

butterflies, moths and other natural history

Last updated: 4th February

The 2022 area bird list is 113 species (115 at the same time last year).

4th - A Shag at Samphire Hoe (Chris Gillard). A Green Sandpiper at Botolph's Bridge and 4 Little Egrets at Donkey Street (Ian Roberts).

Spring Usher, Pale Brindled Beauty and Dark Chestnut at Cheriton were new for the year (Brian Harper).

3rd - 2 Egyptian Geese flew over Botolph's Bridge, a Water Rail at West Hythe, a Chiffchaff at Mill Leese, Saltwood and 4 Chiffchaffs and 54 Pied Wagtails at the Willop Sewage Works (Brian Harper).  A Chiffchaff, a Grey Wagtail and 2 Firecrests at Enbrook Park and 6 Redshank at Folkestone Harbour (Chris Gillard). A female Blackcap and 3 Kingfishers at Scanlon's Bridge, Hythe (Shaun Ranger / Steve Wood). 1,100 Jackdaws at Lympne Park Wood (Phil Sharp). A Woodcock, a Red-legged Partridge, 2 Snipe and 2 Stonechats at Pent Farm (Ian Roberts / Debbie Reynolds).

2nd - A Barn Owl at the Stone Street / M20 junction 11 and a Chiffchaff, 3 Ravens and 7 Little Egrets in the Aldergate Bridge / West Hythe area, where 2 Canada Geese flew east (Dylan Wrathall).

1st - The Ring-necked Parakeet again in a garden in Cliff Road, Hythe (Mike Cox).

Little Egret at West Hythe

(Dylan Wrathall)

Mediterranean Gull at Folkestone Beach (Tony Poole)

Rock Pipit at Folkestone Harbour

(Tony Poole)

Grey Wagtail at Folkestone Harbour

(Steve Wood)

The 2022 Folkestone and Hythe Bird Report and the 2022 Folkestone and Hythe Lepidoptera Report are now available as free downloads by clicking on the images opposite.


31st - A Grey Wagtail in Folkestone Harbour (Steve Wood).

29th - A Chiffchaff and a pair of Blackcaps at Seabrook (Martin Whybrow). A male Blackcap at Seabrook (Paul Howe). A Firecrest at Pond Hill Road (Brian Harper).

28th - A Ring-necked Parakeet at The Bayle in Folkestone this afternoon (Steve Wood) was presumably a different bird to one seen flying west at Seabrook this morning (Paul Howe). A male Blackcap and 2 Coal Tits in a garden in Hythe (Nigel Spencer) and a female Blackcap in another garden in Hythe (Ian Roberts). c.680 Jackdaws flew in to roost in Lympne Park Wood (Phil Sharp).

Kingfisher at Folkestone Harbour (Steve Wood / Jenny Louise-Read)

Goosanders at Hythe (Peter Holliday)

26th - A Kingfisher picked up moribund in Folkestone Harbour (Steve Wood).

24th - A Kingfisher in Folkestone Harbour (Steve Wood). An Oystercatcher and 3 Sanderling at the Willop Outfall (Ian Roberts).

A Silver Y at Hythe was new for the year (Ian Roberts / Pauline Knight).

23rd - A Woodcock, 2 Grey Partridges, 5 Reed Buntings, 14 Corn Buntings, 42 Chaffinches and 43 Yellowhammers at Abbotscliffe (Mark Kennett). A Shag flew west at Samphire Hoe, a Chiffchaff by Haguelands Farm and 2 Sanderling at the Willop Outfall (Ian Roberts).

22nd - The Ring-necked Parakeet again flew over Seabrook (Brian Harper) and was later at Prospect Road, Sandgate (Chris Gillard). A Shag flew west at Samphire Hoe (Mark Kennett).

A Grey Seal off Seabrook (Paul Howe).

21st - The Cattle Egret again with European Bison at Port Lympne and the first Curlew of the year opposite Haguelands (Brian Harper). 33 Lapwings at Hagueland and 87 Lapwings at Botolph's Bridge, and 6 Redshanks at the Willop Basin (Ian Roberts). A Kingfisher at Folkestone Harbour and a female Blackcap and 4 Greenfinches in a garden in Cheriton (Tony Poole).

20th - 2 Goosander on the canal at Seabrook (Martin Whybrow). A Chiffchaff and 2 Green Sandpipers at Botolph's Bridge and a Firecrest at Nickolls Quarry (Brian Harper). A Nuthatch and 4 Redwings at Brockhill Country Park (Tony Poole).

18th - The Ring-necked Parakeet again along the canal at Seabrook (Martin Whybrow). A Goosander at Nickolls Quarry and a Shelduck and a Rock Pipit at the Willop Outfall (Ian Roberts). A Goosander on the canal at Hythe, just west of Scanlon's Bridge, also a Kingfisher there (Chris Gillard). A Razorbill, a Redshank and 6 Kittiwakes at Folkestone Harbour (Tony Poole).

17th - A Firecrest, a Little Egret and 2 Woodcock at Pond Hill Road and a Little Egret at Casebourne Farm (Brian Harper). A Chiffchaff, a Lapwing and 3 Snipe at Donkey Street (Ian Roberts). A Peregrine at Capel-le-Ferne (Chris Gillard).

16th - 2 Firecrests at Enbrook Park (Chris Gillard). 21 Lapwings at Capel Street (Mark Kennett).

15th - A Barn Owl came into roost opposite the Plough in the Hougham Valley at 07:15 (Mark Kennett). A male Blackcap at Harbour Street, Folkestone (Ian Roberts).

13th - A Cattle Egret with European Bison at the Port Lympne Reserve, also a Chiffchaff and 5 Teal there and a Little Egret at West Hythe (Ian Roberts). A Merlin and 4 Greylag Geese at Botolph's Bridge and a Barn Owl at West Hythe (Brian Harper). A flock of 8 Ravens flew west over Caeser's Camp (Dale Gibson).

11th - A Shelduck and 3 Goosanders at Nickolls Quarry. 2 Green Sandpipers at Botolph's Bridge. 2 Sanderling at the Willop Outfall (Ian Roberts).

9th - 2 Tree Sparrows, 5 Reed Buntings and 21 Corn Buntings at Abbotscliffe (Ian Roberts).

8th - 68 Red-throated Divers flew west past Princes Parade (Ian Roberts).

7th - 3 Goosanders on the canal at Hythe (Peter Holliday). 2 Fulmars and 340 Brent Geese flew past Princes Parade. 8 Mandarin Ducks at Folks' Wood (Brian Harper / Ian Roberts).

6th - A Cattle Egret flew south-west over Botolph's Bridge, also a Golden Plover and 10+ Corn Buntings there. 24 Lapwings at the Willop Basin. A Firecrest at Enbrook Park (Ian Roberts). 2 Firecrests at Shorncliffe Military Cemetery and 2 Ravens at Hospital Hill (Brian Harper). 6 Lapwings at Capel Street (Mark Kennett).

5th - A female Mandarin Duck and a Marsh Tit at Chesterfield Wood. A Chiffchaff at Nickolls Quarry. A Rock Pipit, 2 Brent Geese and 11 Lapwings at the Willop Outfall. 19 Red-legged Partridges still at Kick Hill (Ian Roberts).

Ring-necked Parakeet at Spring

Lane Cemetery (Brian Harper)

Ring-necked Parakeet at Spring

Lane Cemetery (Brian Harper)

Ring-necked Parakeet at Spring

Lane Cemetery (Ian Roberts)

Ring-necked Parakeet at Spring

Lane Cemetery (Ian Roberts)

4th - An Egyptian Goose at Cock Ash Lake. A Barn Owl at West Hythe dam. 6 Greylag Geese, 9 Canada Geese and 50 Redwings at Horton Park Lakes. A Tufted Duck at Hayton Lake (Ian Roberts). A female Blackcap in a garden near Folkestone Central (Mike Fitch).

An Emmelina monodactyla (Common Plume) at Cheriton was new for the year (Tony Poole).

3rd - A Ring-necked Parakeet at Spring Lane Cemetery. A Great White Egret at West Hythe. 3 Little Gulls off Battery Point/Sandgate. 2 Little Gulls, 2 Brent Geese, 2 Common Scoter, 18 Shelduck, 20 Wigeon, 240 Kittiwakes and 425 Guillemots/Razorbills flew past Princes Parade. 2 Woodcocks and 2 Firecrests at Paraker Wood. A Woodcock at Kiln Wood (Brian Harper / Chris Gillard / Ian Roberts / Tony Poole).

Winter Moth and Mottled Umber at Seabrook were new moths for the year (Paul Howe).

2nd -  A Cattle Egret and 3 Little Egrets at West Hythe. A Water Rail, a Chiffchaff, a Blackcap and 2 Goosanders along the canal between West Hythe and Hythe. A Green Sandpiper and a Little Egret at Botolph's Bridge. 5 Siskins and 60 Fieldfares at Cock Ash Lake. A drake Pochard at Woodside Farm pond. 19 Red-legged Partridges, 60 Chaffinches and 60 Linnets at Kick Hill. 15 Red-legged Partridges at Pent Farm. 15 Ringed Plovers at Folkestone Beach. A Little Egret and 6 Redshank in Folkestone Harbour (Ian Roberts). 3 Goosanders on the canal at Seabrook, whilst 14 Wigeon flew east offshore. A Firecrest in Enbrook Park (Brian Harper). A Barn Owl in the Hougham Valley opposite the Plough and 4 Corn Buntings and 24 Yellowhammers at Abbotscliffe (Mark Kennett). A Marsh Tit at the bottom of Round Hill (Kevin Harding).

1st - A Great White Egret at Donkey Street. A 'redhead' Goosander and 2 Shoveler at Botolph's Bridge. A Jack Snipe, 2 Lapwings, 4 Redshanks and 70 Teal at the Willop Basin. 3 Chiffchaffs at the Willop Sewage Works. 70 Linnets at Kick Hill. A Little Egret at Nickolls Quarry. A pair of Blackcaps in a garden in Hythe (Brian Harper / Ian Roberts). A Sandwich Tern flew west past Hythe (Chris Gillard). 4 Fulmars, 10 Brent Geese, 11 Great Crested Grebes, 16 Red-throated Divers, 70 Guillemots, 80 Gannets and 220 Kittiwakes flew past Samphire Hoe (Rob Lee).

2 Bloxworth Snouts at Hythe were the first moths of the year (Ian Roberts).

2022 sightings have been archived - click on the links for the review of bird sightings or lepidoptera sightings in 2022 to date.

For the reviews of sightings in 2021 and earlier years click on: Annual Reports